The Big Bike Ride/ The West Country

So this morning is my big charity bike ride. I’m doing it dressed as princess Leia, with a home made R2D2 on the back of the bike no less. There’s still time to donate – the charity I am supporting is Mind, the mental health charity, after the support that they gave my friend with depression, as well as the help they gave me in supporting him. My friend ended his life nearly two months ago, and their advice has continued to be sound in dealing with the aftermath of his death. They also offer legal aid, advice and counselling for a wide range of needs.

Hop on over to my site even if it’s just to see pictures of me making a fool of myself. Always good.

In other news, the husband and I have just got back from a week in Cornwall, so a post on the wonders of the west country and it’s great and glorious food is soon to follow!